The Language behind the Lamp

If there is one thing we have learned, it is that lighting can make or break a room. A lamp’s size, style, scale and location all factor in to creating and defining the entire essence of a living area.  Finding that perfect fixture can sometimes be a daunting task, so we turned to Clay Isaacs of Lumen Lamps  in Nashville to educate us about his … Continue reading

Playroom for Preschoolers

Playrooms for our preschoolers can be hard to create without a good set of steps to follow.  A version of a PB Kids magazine is what most of us ideally want to incorporate into our homes. Sadly, this is the room that usually becomes a  black hole for game pieces, leftover happy meal toys, broken pencils/crayons … Continue reading

Designing with Felt

Have you ever thought of recovering your favorite reading chair in FELT?  Never, you say? Well you may change your mind after reading today’s post.  Felt is making a comeback in a big way. For a younger, fresher and more budget friendly approach to upholstering your next piece of furniture, you may want to consider this material. Why, you … Continue reading

The Simpler the Better

Countertops. From tile to granite, marble to concrete…the options are endless. How do you choose? Which color/style/hue/texture do you pick?  Too many choices can be overwhelming!  We turned to Natalie Hager, of Natalie Hager Interiors, for her expertise and tips on the subject. BACKGROUND:  Natalie Hager Interiors, located in Nashville, TN, opened its doors in … Continue reading

Flair Vintage Decor

Some of you may be familiar with the blog “A Flair for Vintage Decor,” written by the ever-talented Caroline West.  We are constantly amazed at her ability for reinventing salvaged items and breathing new, modern life into their bones.  Her funky and fresh style is evident in the pieces she crafts.  When we heard Caroline had  found a … Continue reading

Here We Go!

Welcome to our new blog Interior Canvas! First, let us introduce ourselves.  We are Anna Kristin Yarbrough and Cameron Weaver.  As avid admirers of the interior design trade, we pour over magazines and coffee table books — eager to learn the latest tips, tricks and secrets from the experts in this field.  We are intrigued … Continue reading

Coming Soon!

We’ll be up and running April 2, 2012! See you then!! – Anna Kristin and Cameron